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9 Alternative Ways To Use Your Garage In Edmonton

Even though garages were created to park your car in, many times we just end up parking in the driveway and our garages are left unused or worse, become storage for all our wanted and unwanted stuff. If that’s the case, that’s some valuable real estate you’re going to waste! Avoid succumbing to letting your garage become a disorganized storage room. Instead, consider some alternative uses for your garage that will open up new (garage) doorways of possibility.

9 Ideas for Converting Your Garage into a Useful Space

Pewter Cabinets-Ebony Star Workbench-Silverado Floor-2 Dirt Bikes-May 2013

1. Man Cave

One of the most popular conversions for a garage is a Man cave. Whether you want a simple man cave or an extravagant one is a personal choice. It doesn’t need a lot to become a man cave. Initially, you can start with a sofa,  an entertainment system, Tv and a small fridge to get the ball rolling. Other luxuries such as a pool table, ping pong table, a bar or even installing a wet room, are things that can be added later as you grow into the space. One of the great things about having a man cave is if it gets rowdy on game nights, it is out of the house.

2. Play or Hang Out Room

A play room or hangout room is more family friendly than a man cave particularly if you have children or teenagers. The more space you can give them to interact or play the better for you! It keeps them out of your hair and will save you constantly having to tell them to keep it down.

You can add more comfortable touches so it is less garage like. A durable rug, some cushions, bookshelves, a lamp, some artwork and some toys or games will give the space a homely feel.

Coco Garage Cabinets with Swiss Trax Tile Floor-Wide Angle

3. Home Theater or Media Room

If you or family are really into watching movies then this would be a great annex for your home. Put your focus on creating the best home theater you can. Consider adding comfy chairs, perhaps a custom entertainment cabinet, suitable flooring finish, a projector and a most definitely a great sound system. Adding additional features like soundproofing or insulating to your walls for additional privacy will enhance the media environment for maximum enjoyment.

4. Guest Room Or Mother-In-Law Unit

A double garage is perfect for creating a guest suite or mother-in-law unit. It is always a good idea to check your city’s zoning before converting your garage to make sure you can use it for this purpose. The versatility and not to mention, the added value and income potential this adds to your home, speaks for itself.

5. Gym

If you have been desiring a home gym then it makes perfect sense to use your garage. The privacy, space, and convenience of having a gym at home with your shower within a stone’s throw, not to mention being able to ditch the expensive gym memberships are just some of the benefits of converting your garage into a home gym. You may need to consider adding a finish to the floor and perhaps some additional wall fittings to support your equipment, so consider also adding in garage storage cabinets for storing your gym towels and other supplies.


6. Home Office

If you work from home and would like to feel a little more separated from your home life then consider converting your garage into a home office. Depending on what you do for a living, but adding desks, storage cabinets, tables, room dividers for meeting area and even a kitchenette are great considerations. There is no shortage of solutions available for designing home offices if you need inspiration.

7. Entertainment Area

If you host a lot of events and gatherings at your home and could use some extra entertainment space then perhaps consider converting your garage into an extension of your backyard. Bi-fold doors, decking, seating, lights, a minibar and perhaps even a woodfire oven or kitchenette to minimize any trips to the kitchen – whereby making it much easier to serve your guests and the party flowing.

8. Hobby or Craft Room

Spending time on your hobby or craft is a great way to relax after a busy day.  You can enjoy the peace and quiet of having a designated space for this and not have to worry about any mess you make along the way.  Installing storage shelves and cabinets plus a table or workbench is essential to keep all your hobby or craft materials organized.

Pewter Cabinets-Ebony Star Workbench-Silverado Floor-2 Dirt Bikes-May 2013

9. Yoga Studio

A garage floor is the perfect ready-set-go surface for creating a Yoga Studio. Installing floating wood or laminate flooring or even an epoxy floor makes it easy to transform your garage for this purpose. Consider adding a large mirror on the wall and even a sunroof to make your sun salutations even brighter.

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