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The Important Benefits Of Epoxy Garage Floors

Is your garage floor showing a lot of wear and tear, covered in grease stains or needing repair? Have you got dreams to turn your garage into a man cave, hobby room or even a new entertainment area? No matter what your present or future plans are for your garage, special consideration should be given…

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Tips To Kick-Start Your Dream Garage Makeover

Is the disorganization in your garage stressing you out? Then maybe it’s time for a garage makeover. Many people use their garages for more than just the parking of their car. In fact, it is more commonly used as storage room for just about anything and everything that either that can’t be kept or won’t…

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9 Alternative Ways To Use Your Garage In Edmonton

Even though garages were created to park your car in, many times we just end up parking in the driveway and our garages are left unused or worse, become storage for all our wanted and unwanted stuff. If that’s the case, that’s some valuable real estate you’re going to waste! Avoid succumbing to letting your…

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How to Create a Dream Garage Man Cave | Alberta Edmonton

When it comes to creating your Man Cave in your garage, there are several components to consider to ensure that it gives you the fulfillment, excitement, and satisfaction that you seek. Garages are often unutilized and unoptimized space mostly used for storage of items that you don’t want in the house. However, with the stresses…

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5 Multi-Billion Dollar Companies That Started In Garages

Many of us have great aspirations and passions on what we’d love to pursue and to be successful in. What’s often overlooked is that you can start anywhere, at any time – even right from your garage. Garages aren’t only a great place for car enthusiasts to tune their cars, perform maintenance and repairs around…

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Complete Your Dream Garage With a Lift King in Edmonton

There is only a handful of components needed to build a dream garage that will rival showrooms. If you’re a car enthusiast or want a stunning view for yourself and others every time you open your garage, then a Lift King will make that bold statement you’re looking for. Everyone has different situations so we…

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