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Complete Your Dream Garage With a Lift King in Edmonton

There is only a handful of components needed to build a dream garage that will rival showrooms. If you’re a car enthusiast or want a stunning view for yourself and others every time you open your garage, then a Lift King will make that bold statement you’re looking for. Everyone has different situations so we will be covering them while outlining the components to complete your dream garage.

lift king - dream garage - auto lift

5 Steps to a Dream Garage in Edmonton

1. Professional Garage Storage System

Sure, if you’re handy enough to build your own shelving system, you can. However, unless you’re a professional woodworker and want to go through all the hassle of building one from scratch and manually install the hinges, etc., it’s a safer bet just getting it professionally done. Let’s face it, we’re all busy and often professional garage organization isn’t our cup of tea.

There is a lot more to a garage storage system than just putting up a couple of shelves that may seem fine for the first week and quickly become a mess soon after. What you’re looking for is a permanent solution that is not only functional to store everything in your garage, but is also pleasing to the eye. In terms of garage storage systems, you’ll want to have open and closed cabinets, overhead storage, wall racks, wall hooks and more.

Dream Garage - steel worktop

2. Garage Workbenches

All garages should have a workbench by default. The downside to buying a separate workbench or building one yourself is that it generally doesn’t match the rest of your garage. If you’re looking to build a dream garage, matching style, and finishes ESSENTIAL. Generally speaking, a DIY workbench will not be the most optimized use of space given that professional garage storage systems incorporate workbenches.

Depending on the type of projects you plan on using the workbench for, it can be as large as you need it. You can have cabinets above the workbench for easy to reach tools as well as drawers underneath to act as a large toolbox to store all your tools. This way, everything is seamlessly integrated into an awesome dream garage design.

Decorative Chip Garage Flooring for Dream Garage

3. Garage Epoxy Flooring

The standard garage concrete flooring is not enough if you’re looking to build a Dream Garage. Standard garage floors are generally difficult to keep clean due to the unavoidable concrete dust that constantly sheds from the surface; and because they are porous, stains are inevitable from oil leaks, chemicals, anti-freeze, etc. Does the chipped garage floor look unsightly? Well, we have to do something about that.

The solution is to get an Epoxy Garage Floor Coating. It is intelligently made to withstand impact, it’s stain resistant, and it is nonslip. You can read more about the benefits of epoxy garage flooring here. Due to the many types of finishes available, you can brighten up your garage environment that will take your breath away.

Decorative Chip Garage Flooring

4. Lighting

Without proper garage lighting, it can be difficult to see anything. Be sure to have adequate lighting that won’t cast dark shadows, which is not easy on the eyes. The hard spotlights may seem good but if you’re hanging over the hood of your car, you may not be able to see properly unless you had mobile lighting such as a flashlight.

If you want to go all out, consider adding under cabinet lighting such as LED’s where your workbench is and maybe even place them under the rest of your garage cabinets to give a nice glow. Careful though, make it too great and you may never leave!

5. Complete Dream Garage With a Lift King

All car enthusiasts will always want this in their Dream Garage – a Lift King, aka Auto Lift. All car enthusiasts want more than 1 car. However, you may not have the necessary amount of garage space to store all your cars and if you find that you’re parking outdoors, it’s time to get a Lift King.

Double your storage space, keep your cars cool and safe, and attain the dream garage you’ve always wanted with a Lift King. Yes, it’s a status symbol – an inspiring and envious one for sure.

lift king for a dream garage

Next Steps

If you’re interested in moving towards creating a Dream Garage, begin with planning the design. For most, designing a garage may not be in your DNA and if that’s you and you’re in the Edmonton area, contact us for a FREE Design Consultation where one of our expert designers and installers will create a personalized 3D design using our software to suit your needs. Call us at (780)-809-9722 or request a call back here.

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