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How to Create a Dream Garage Man Cave | Alberta Edmonton

When it comes to creating your Man Cave in your garage, there are several components to consider to ensure that it gives you the fulfillment, excitement, and satisfaction that you seek. Garages are often unutilized and unoptimized space mostly used for storage of items that you don’t want in the house.

However, with the stresses of the day and all the adult things we must take care of, it’s always great to have some type of retreat that makes all of that work worthwhile. Many times, a Dream Garage Man Cave will do the trick.

Designing the garage can be summarized into 3 starting steps and then having a professional craft the beauty that is both functional and thrilling to be in. Here they are.

3 Steps to Create Your Dream Man Cave

Slate-Silver Cabinets Hero Shot with Swiss Trax

Choose a Style

The style you choose will affect the overall “feel” of your garage and that will depend on who you are and what your center of focus will be for your Dream Garage Man Cave. Do you prefer the classic style, contemporary, vintage, industrial, or exotic? Either way, you’ll want to choose one that is evergreen and withstands the test of time.


Even if you want to make the space purely functional for projects that you are working on or would like to start on, a properly designed man cave will provide the satisfaction and fulfillment that you seek.

Determine Design Elements

Once you have chosen a style, it’s time to choose the design elements to turn it into a visual reality. Determining the surface finishes, textures, color schemes, worktops and garage flooring all contributes to the holistic design of your man cave.

Prestige Garage from Long Island shares a great post about the benefits of epoxy garage flooring here.


The last thing you want is a mix-match / slapped-together design that gives off the undesired effect and response when entering into the garage. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit of time with this one or get some expert help.

Give the Garage a Function

Going along with the design elements, you’ll need to know what you’ll be using the garage space for. What function and purpose do you want it to serve? Is it to work on your car? Do you need a Auto Lift King to double your garage space? Do you have projects you want to work on? Want it to be a retreat? Are you a car enthusiast or mechanic?


After you know the functions you want it to serve, then you can expand on the design and decide where the garage cabinets go, organizers, workbenches, wall storage systems and type of garage floor such as epoxy flooring. All dream garages must have proper garage storage systems to keep it clutter-free and ready to showcase at any moment.

Putting It All Together

Once you have an idea of how you want the garage to look, it’s a very wise idea to get an expert opinion on the design. Some expert woodworkers and builders may want to try the DIY option but if you really look at the magnitude of that project, it’s probably best to get a professional to do the perfect quality job right the first time around.

If you’re in the Alberta Edmonton area, Dream Garage is offering Free In-Home Design and Consultation to help you get started with your Man Cave. Call (780)-809-9722 today.

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