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Critical FAQ’s on Car Lifts for Small Garages | Garage Lifts in Edmonton

Critical FAQ’s on Car Lifts for Small Garages | Garage Lifts in Edmonton

So you’re interested in purchasing a car lift for your small garage but you have genuine questions. After all, having a garage lift means having a 1-2 ton vehicle sitting above another vehicle – so it makes sense that quality and reputability is of utmost high priority. Honestly, if other companies want to make a few bucks with rip-off, copycat items, choose something that won’t jeopardize the safety of the customers. Fair enough? Let’s get into the questions.

Top Questions to Choosing Car Lifts for Small Garages

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Should you ever buy cheap garage auto Lifts?

For something as critical as carrying a 1-2 ton car above another AND the necessity of you being under it in the car below… the short answer is No. On the flip side, does that mean you have to purchase the MOST expensive garage lift? No. You need to make sure that their equipment is not only reputable but also certified, which will be covered in the next question.

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How important is purchasing certified auto lifts? What are reputable certifications?

You have to remember that most companies are willing to tell you anything you want to hear in order to increase their sales. So even if they ARE certified, they may tell you their certification is the only one. Currently, CE is the most recognized certification for car lifts! So when you see car lifts for small garages that are ALI certification means better quality, that is not true.

Behind the smoke and mirrors, ALI-membership auto lifts just mean that their manufacturer paid to JOIN the ALI membership program and thus, their company is certified, but their garage lifts may not be. If you look closely enough, you may see that their lifts are NOT ALI approved – sadly, however, most people don’t know this.

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How to distinguish between low vs. high-quality auto lifts?

Keep in mind that all auto lifts look pretty much the same in a picture online. However, there are subtle visual differences. The obvious differences, of course, are in the design and thickness of the car lifts, extra strength support beams underneath and a much larger base of the posts for additional stability. Of course, the best way is to have the auto lifts compared side by side to see the difference. Some dealers may compare competitors in their store such as the one here at Dream Garage in our Calgary store.

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How to identify fraudulent claims of having the “Lift King” quality?

If you’ve been doing your research on car lifts for small garages, then you’ve probably come across the Lift King (our brand) due to its popularity and reliability. Here’s the truth: There is no other lift in Canada that is from Lift King’s manufacturing facility. Dream Garage now owns a portion of the Lift King manufacturer to ensure quality control and to maintain the integrity of the products.

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The difference between a True Warranty and a Limited Warranty

Most companies who sell car lifts as garage solutions only offer limited warranties, but if you actually read the super tiny small details and get past the fluff, you’ll find that they don’t actually cover anything. They may offer a 1-3 year warranty, but with something as important as holding up 4000 lbs above your other treasured car, you’ll want a company that’s more confident and reputable. Dream Garage in Edmonton offers a lifetime warranty on structure and 5 years on the power pack.


So there you have it. Do your research and know where your garage lifts come from. Understand the importance of certifications and the important ones. If you’re in the Edmonton Area, Dream Garage is here to serve and answer all your car lift questions for your small garage. Contact us here.

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