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DIY vs. Custom Garage Storage: Which Is Better?

DIY vs. Custom Garage Storage: Which Is Better?

So you’ve decided that you need some type of storage system in your garage. You’re not alone! Many people find that without a good organizational system, it’s very easy to lose track of everything that is stored in the garage. Some even find that it’s next to impossible to park the car in the garage! Garage shelving and cabinetry can go a long way toward achieving better organization in this area of the home. The question then becomes: Which is better, DIY wire shelving, or professionally designed and installed wood shelving and cabinets? Each option has pros and cons. Here are a few considerations:

  • Cost
    The main drawback of having wooden custom garage organizers installed is the price. It is much less expensive to purchase some wire shelving or a storage system that comes in a box. Of course, you do have to consider that the price of the DIY types of shelving is larger if you have to replace the system due to breakage. In general, though, a wire shelving system wins the points for lower cost.

  • Sturdiness
    On this one, wooden garage cabinets and shelving take the prize. There’s no doubt about it: The custom-built products can hold more items more securely than wire shelving. This might not matter much if you’re storing lightweight boxes, but it can be very important if you are storing heavy power tools.

  • Customization
    This could go either way. On the one hand, you can buy whatever storage items you would like and put them up in any configuration that works for you. On the other hand, custom garage companies specialize in building custom systems and they tend to know what works. You’ll also get a better fit with custom-built systems, most of the time, because measurements are taken before a single board is cut. With the wire shelving systems, you have to use what’s available, and they might not fit perfectly in the space that you have.

  • Aesthetics
    This is, of course, something that each person can determine for him- or herself. Wire shelving has a utilitarian look and feel to it, which might be just what you’re looking for in your garage! On the other hand, wooden shelving and cabinets can be done with a variety of finishes, including wood-grain and powder-coated. You can usually choose the colors that will best highlight your sense of style and your car’s finish.

When you think about all of these considerations, you might find that one type of garage shelving wins out in your mind. In order to explore all of your options, it’s important to go to a home improvement store and see exactly what is available and at what price. You should also call a custom garage company and have a consultation done so that you can determine what the difference in cost and appearance would be. The consult appointment should be free of cost and obligation, so you can look at it as an information-gathering exercise. From there, you can make the decision that is best for you!

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