Flooring Comparison

Comparison Between Polyaspartic vs. Epoxy Base Coats

Competitors Product Claim Using Polyaspartic Base Coats:

Diamond grind floor prior to installation. (not acid etch)

Claims that polyaspartic used as base coat has better bond to concrete than epoxy. Fast cure that sets up in 5 to 120 minutes. One day floor
installation due to fast cure. Dip and Roll application.

Can be installed in any temperature.

Polyaspartic has flexibility properties to allow for some give under duress.

Claims to be 4x stronger than epoxy against impact and abrasion than epoxy.

Offers 15 year warranties when most garage companies haven’t been in business for more than 6 years, hence never seen one of their own
floors perform for that long. Polyaspartic has only been used in the residential market for about 15 years.

Better chemical resistance than epoxy.

UV stable.

Low VOC (volatile organic compounds)

Organizers Direct Product (combinations of state of the art epoxy resins with polyaspartic top coats)

Mechanically profile floor using diamond grind method or shot blast method.

Uses slower curing epoxy base coat to allow time for resin to create a superior bond to concrete preventing delamination caused from hot tires. Fast cureproducts such as polyaspartic’s for base coat dry extremely fast, not allowing enough time for resin to soak into the capillary pin holes of the concrete.

Polyaspartic fast cure product’s applied by “dip and roll” method which can create blotchy, uneven flake appearance. b.ur. epoxy system is squeegeed outacross floor at 4 times the thickness of a polyaspartic which gives the floor more uniformity and integrity allowing for b~~er performance over the years.

Our competitors claim that epoxies cannot be applied in cold climates and take up to 14 days to cure. Goes to show how little they know about the trade. Epoxies can be applied in sub zero temperatures and still cure out in less than one day. Once again, we choose to use slower curing base coats to ensure a superior bond to the profiled concrete substrate.

Epoxy base coats do have flexibility.

Our system uses a combination of epoxy base coats in conjunction with polyaspartic top coats to create a long lasting floor. The polyaspartic top coat is designed to resist ambering (color changes) caused by UV rays. The polyaspartic top coat also performs against staining such as oil stains, grass stains etc.

Companies that claim that the polyaspartic is 4x stronger than epoxy once again don’t know their trade. If something is heavy enough and sharp enough, it will scratch or gouge the floor coating. Floor coatings deserve to be taken care of and maintained.

Almost all products used in the residential market are VOC compliant. In order for the product to be user friendly, there is a certain amount of solvents added to the product to make it easier to install.

Beware of companies offering extensive warranties. Most companies in the garage floor industry have not been in business long enough to make such a bold claim. If a floor coating has been down for 3 years without any problems, it is unlikely that it will have issues in 15 years. The warranty is only as good as the paper it is written on. If the company is out of business, there is no warranty. Manufacturers only give a one year warranty.

All of our dealers are trained in the field, not in a warehouse on 3 x 5 sample boards. The company is supported by a Director of Flooring that has specialized in epoxy/polymer floor coatings for over 10 years in residential,commercial, and industrial floor coatings and continues to operate his own business. This allows his knowledge of the industry to continue to expand and transfer the knowledge to all the dealers. It also allows the dealers to expand into commercial and industrial applications with confidence, knowing that they will have the support of someone that also does coatings for a living.

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