Garage Flooring in Sherwood Park, AB

Are your cement garage floors getting you down? Most garages come equipped with cement flooring, and over time, they may become stained, worn down, cracked and chipped. If you are planning on having a custom garage installed, now is a great time to also have your floors re-done. Our garage floors are not only attractive and sturdy, but can also withstand the test of time as well as whatever you throw at them.

Dream Garage Floors Are a Dream Come True

If you would love to see a glossy, shiny floor when you open your garage doors, then our flooring products are just what you need. We have a variety of options available, ensuring that we have something to fit every style. Here are some of the advantages of our garage flooring:

  • Our garage floors are attractive.
    You’ve seen the shine on the floor at automotive showrooms. This look could be yours if you desire. Other options include a monochromatic tile, decorative chip flooring, and even floors done in your team colors, with a monogram or image, or just about anything you can think of. Our materials are fade-resistant, so the colors will stay bold and strong under fluorescent lights or during the summer if you leave the doors open to allow the sun to shine in.
  • Our garage floors are low-maintenance.
    You don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and scrubbing your garage floors. Unlike cement, which tends to absorb stains, your Dream Garage flooring is stain-resistant. All you need to do is hose it down and squeegee it off periodically. You could also sweep and damp mop it to keep it looking good.
  • Our garage floors are safe.
    One of the best things about Dream Garage flooring is that it’s skid-resistant. That means that in the winter, when you track in ice and snow, you’ll still have some traction under your feet to help prevent slips and falls. It also means that if your car leaks oil or other fluids, you will be less likely to be injured by a fall. In addition to having our floors installed in your garage, you could use them on pool decks, patios or anywhere else that you want an attractive, slip-and-slide-resistant surface.

Call Today for a Sherwood Park Garage Flooring Consultation

We are in the Sherwood Park area, and we’d be more than happy to come to your home for a free, no-obligation garage flooring consultation. We can also talk about other facets of having a custom garage installed, such as garage cabinets, workbenches, overhead storage and wall storage options. When you trust Dream Garage, you’ll know that our products are top-quality and that our workmanship is excellent. You have nothing to lose, so give us a call today!