Garage Organization in St. Albert, Alberta

When you step into your garage, do you ever feel overwhelmed by a lack of disorganization? Many homeowners struggle with keeping this large storage area organized and running efficiently. When you have a garage organization system in place, however, you will likely find that you are more easily able to find what you are looking for, store items that need safe keeping spaces, and even find room to park the car.

How We Can Help

What we do is install the tools that you need in order to have a better organized garage. Then what you do is simply use the tools that we’ve provided to keep all of your belongings under control! Here are some of the ways that our products can help:

  • Custom Garage Design
    When we design your custom garage, we don’t simply come in with the same system that we’ve installed in a dozen other homes that week. Instead, we talk to you about what you want to achieve in your garage, and design a unique storage solution using the information that you’ve provided.
  • Wall-Based Storage
    You have a lot of vertical space in your garage that is going to waste if you don’t have wall-based storage units. Our most popular are gridwall and slatwall systems, both of which allow you to utilize your wall space for storing all sorts of items, from sports equipment, to garden equipment, to small tools and more.
  • Garage Cabinets
    Some items in your garage should be stored behind closed doors in order to keep the dust-free and to keep things looking neat. Our garage cabinets can withstand heavy use and heavy loads, and will go a long way in keeping your garage organized.
  • Overhead Storage
    There is a lot of space at the top of your garage, where you don’t normally store anything at all. It makes sense to optimize this space to hold things that you don’t need to access on a daily basis. Whether it’s your family’s bicycles, seasonal decorations or out-of-season sports equipment, your overhead storage system will open up a world of storage possibilities.

Free Garage Organization Consultations in St. Albert

If you live in St. Albert, Alberta, or in the surrounding areas, please give us a call to schedule your free garage organization consultation. We would be happy to go over all of your options, and we’ll even show you what your finished design could look like. You have nothing to lose other than garage disorganization, so contact us today!