Gridwall and Slatwall in Your Custom Garage

When you have your custom garage built, you will likely choose shelving for overhead storage, garage cabinets and a workbench. These are great ways to provide extra storage space in your garage. It’s important, as well, not to overlook the potential for using your vertical wall space. Your garage is full of excellent wall real estate! We offer two popular ways to customize your walls in the garage in order to increase your storage capability. These are gridwall and slatwall.

Increase Your Storage Potential With Wall Garage Accessories

Both gridwall and slatwall hold special hangers and other accessories that allow you to store items such as rakes, shovels, bicycle helmets, sports equipment, gardening tools, toys, your garden hose and so much more! Here are some of the possibilities that can be used with either of these options:

  • Hooks
    These can hold anything with a long handle. Hooks can be installed so that you hang items by a small hole in their handles, or so that you simply slide the handle in and let gravity pull the hook down, holding your rake, shovel or garden hoe securely.
  • Sports Baskets
    These slide right onto the grid or slats, and can hold balls, pucks, racquets and more.
  • Plastic Bins
    Do you need to hold the small items necessary to change the oil on your car, tighten nuts and bolts or plant seeds in the garden? Attach a variety of bins to your wall storage system and keep it all in plain sight, but out of the way.
  • Special Holder
    You can put in a fishing rod holder, a holder for various aerosol cans, a ladder holder, or any other storage device that you might need. All of these attach directly to the slatwall or gridwall, keeping your walls safe and your items secure.

We Can Help You Decide Which Wall-Based Storage System Is Best!

Whether you choose slatwall, gridwall or a combination of the two is up to you! It largely comes down to what you have to store as well as your personal preference about how the wall will look once installation is complete. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation. We will go over your garage storage options with you and help you decide what you need in order to get the best custom garage for your lifestyle, storage needs, preferences and budget.

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