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Is Your Garage a Mess?


If you are using your garage as a receptacle for everything from extra lightbulbs and batteries, to cardboard boxes that you want to save, to stacks of paper towels, part of the issue might be that you don’t have enough storage.

Custom garages can give you more storage inside of your garage, of course, but you might do well to try to find some more storage within your home as well. If you can store some of these belongings in the utility room, in a guest room closet or even in your kitchen pantry, it will free up some room in your garage for your tools, your garden supplies or even your car!

Here are some photos on that might inspire some ideas on where you can store some of the items that are currently residing in your garage. For the items that you do want to keep in your garage, one of our dream garage organization systems can help you keep it all contained, safe from the elements and looking tidy. Give us a call to learn more and to schedule your free consultation!

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