Garage Organizers

Increase Your Storage Space With Professionally Installed Garage Organizers

What do you store in your garage? Homeowners store everything from garden tools and lawn equipment, to sporting goods, out-of-season decorations, items that don’t fit in the pantry, cleaning chemicals, and so much more. It’s not wonder that many garages are messy and chaotic. It’s the goal of Dream Garage by Auto Details to help you stop the mayhem that leads to stress and confusion. With our wide array of garage organizers, as well as our years in the garage organization industry, we’ll have your garage in tip-top condition in virtually no time!

Save Time and Money With a Custom Garage in Edmonton, Alberta

Our organization products will help you find what you need, when you need it, saving you valuable time. Also, because we only use the most durable materials, you can feel confident that your belongings are as protected as possible, extending the life of your items and saving you money in the process. Here are a few of the garage organizers that we have available:

  • Garage Wall Racks:
    We have gridwall organizers as well as slatwall. These open up the vertical space on your walls and give you a place to store tools, sports equipment and other items that you need in plain sight but off of the floor. We can set up a customized configuration to help you get the most out of the wall space that you have available.
  • Wall Hooks:
    Heavy or large items can be stored off of the floor with our selection of sturdy wall hooks. You’ll be able to keep your fishing poles, ladders, yard equipment and shovels stored out of the way and where they can’t fall and dent your car! The great thing about our wall hooks is that they’re easy to rearrange, so you can constantly customize this part of your storage system as you buy different items and as your needs change.
  • Shelving:
    We can place shelves just about anywhere in your closet. We can build a shelving unit that starts at the floor, or we can place shelves above your head to store items that you don’t need to reach frequently. Our shelving is built with sturdy and durable materials, so you won’t have to worry about them collapsing and damaging your belongings.
  • Overhead Storage:
    Remember, the goal of any garage organization system is to utilize all of the space possible. We don’t want to neglect to use the space at the top of your garage! Our overhead storage is often mounted from the ceiling, so you’re gaining space that you otherwise would not be using.
  • Bike Racks:
    Getting your bicycles off of the floor where they can topple and dent your car is a very effective way of reducing the chance of damage to your bikes and vehicles! Our easy-to-use bicycle racks are an important addition to the custom garage of any family that enjoys cycling.

Get Your Garage Organizers in Edmonton, Canada By Calling Today!

When you call for your free consultation, we will be able to show you how all of our products can work together to turn your chaotic garage into a neat and tidy storage area that you’ll be proud to show off. Contact us to get the process started. There is no cost or obligation, so you have nothing to lose!

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