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Tips To Kick-Start Your Dream Garage Makeover

Is the disorganization in your garage stressing you out? Then maybe it’s time for a garage makeover. Many people use their garages for more than just the parking of their car. In fact, it is more commonly used as storage room for just about anything and everything that either that can’t be kept or won’t fit in the house.

If you are finding it difficult to manage the clutter in your garage and keep things organized and the task of getting started is overwhelming you, then a professional garage organization consultant can help you figure out the best way forward in dealing with it all. Many even offer extended services to take care of organizing all your clutter and belongings for you, so you don’t have to! Imagine coming home and it’s all been done for you! Now that is good value! However, if you are ready to plunge in and get started, then create an organization plan that will help you make the most of your garage makeover.

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4 Tips To Kick-Start Your Garage Organization in Edmonton

Don’t let the valuable real estate in your garage go to waste. Here are a few great tips to help kick-start the organization of your garage:

Clearly Define Your Storage Needs

While many people may use their garage for parking their cars, various tools, and sporting equipment, not all will use their garage in the same way. Defining what you actually need to do, keep or store in your garage is the first priority. If your garage is not providing you with the room for your needs – like hobbies or other activities – then consider repurposing the space to suit.

Create Good Organization Habits

Being intentional about how you use the space helps you to stay organized in the garage. Every room in the house should have a clear purpose; this is what enables you to create good organization habits and maintain them.

The garage should not be considered a dumping ground for anything you don’t know what to do with. Throwing excess or unneeded items haphazardly in your garage without clear intention to its purpose will not actually help you to stay organized in your home or life. It’s basically just moving the problem to a different space. By creating designated zones for temporary items and dealing with them immediately rather than discarding them haphazardly helps to foster good garage organization habits and make your life less cluttered.

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Utilize Every Inch Of Space

A garage is valuable real estate if you have limited space in your home. One of the best solutions, when space is at a premium, is to elevate your belongings off the floor. Slat wall storage systems, ceiling racks and storage lifts are great ways to utilized your space to its fullest potential. These kinds of storage solutions create an abundance of additional storage options. Custom cabinets, closets, and even an auto lift can completely maximize the available space in your garage and offer multiple use opportunities in whatever ways you wish to use your garage.

Improve The Aesthetics

Garages interiors are not usually considered aesthetically pleasing. However, if you add some decorative personality and flair to the space your are more likely to want to keep it organized and looking good. If your garage is showing a lot of wear and tear you might want to consider a repaint once you have decluttered and cleared the space. A lick of paint with a splash of color will rejuvenate any garage.

If you would like to explore what garage storage solutions would work for your space and want some expert advice on how to tackle your garage makeover, then call the professional consultants at Dream Garage Makeovers and schedule your FREE In-Home Design Consultation today!

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