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Creating space for your custom garage

We have all seen pictures on the web of destroyed garages, or have seen hoarders who just can’t seem to organize their garage well. Our article below explains a few fun ways that can keep you from ending up on another episode of “hoarders”.


First things first, ask yourself, “What Will I Be Using My Garage For?”

Underutilized space can be recreated into an area that is completely personalized to your liking, you just have to figure out what you mainly use your garage for!

Is your garage’s purpose to be family oriented, store your favorite hobby equipment or be the best man-cave that showcases your prized possessions? Once you figure that out, you can start on our ten tips for creating garage space with organization!


Clear Out What You Don’t Need or Use!

The best way to begin a full garage purge is to empty the garage of everything, right down to the loose nuts and screws!
Once you get all your stuff out, sort it into keep, donate, throw out piles. You can make notes of what you do plan on keeping and what types of storage you may need to buy in order to accommodate it neatly.



Pre-Renovation by Dream Garage Makeover


Your junk can usually be picked up by the city, or just post a curbside alert notice on craigslist. If you have really got a ton of stuff that is still in decent condition and you feel up to the chore, you can always have a garage sale!


Clean the Garage Floor and Get Out the Cobwebs!

Dust easily works its way into the garage and once you remove everything from the garage, you’ll be able to easily see the dirt.
Use a push broom and a shop vac to get out all the dirt and grime. You can then come in with your hose and blast the floor on full-force to loosen dirt left over on garage floor.
If you want a quicker drying speed, push excess water out with push broom and let the garage air out for a couple hours.
A great way to enhance and make your garage floor slip and skid free is to install Epoxy Flooring. You can DIY or hire a professional garage organizer!


Look at Your Garage in Terms of Organization Zones

When designing your zoning for garage organization, remember to consider what things you access the most…these should placed at easily accessible levels!


Choose a Wall for Garage Cabinets and Shelving Units!

Installing custom cabinets and shelves in your garage will help you get your stuff off the garage floor and organized!
Choose garage cabinets that are off the floor, to prevent pests and water damage. Floating cabinets are a great way to keep the garage floor space clear.

Shelving units come in all shapes and sizes. You may want to get durable large-weight bearing capacity garage shelves if you have heavy items to store.


Organize With a Slatwall or Gridwall System

Slatwall and Gridwall systems come with a variety of accessories to hang your tools up with.
From hooks to baskets and bins, you have a lot of versatile options when you install a slatwall…and they’re completely adjustable!
These walls are even strong enough to hang up bicycles, so you can get your families bikes up and off the floor, creating more space for activities and your car!
High Places are Great for Garage Storage!


Slat wall system for a brand new bicycle.

We often forget to think vertically when it comes to storage. Using overhead racks for bins is the perfect way to combat clutter.
You can use overhead storage for seasonal items that are only pulled down a few times a year.
Overhead storage is also the perfect place for coolers, beach chairs, ping pong table and fun stuff that you use on special occasions!


Install a Pegboard!

Pegboards create a space for tools and garage necessities of all types. Just get creative and you’ll see a plethora of possibilities!


Do You Use Your Garage as the Entrance to Your Home? Create a Mudroom!

Garage cabinets and shelves, paired with hooks and storage baskets are simple to add to your garage for a tiny mudroom.

You will be able to keep shoes organized, umbrellas handy and can even make kid-friendly lockers that help your children stay organized!


Add a Workbench Space for Yourself

The great thing about a workbench is that it gives you a countertop to work on, which you will finally have space to do after following our tips!
Choose to DIY with an outcome that looks similar to this


… Or…

hire a professional who utilizes custom built workbenches from an manufacturer like Organizers Direct



Now that you have created tons of space and you can actually fit your car in the garage, it’s time to get personal.
Write your family name over the garage door entrance into your house or paint the steps with fun sayings!

Whatever you want to do to get creative in personalizing your garage is up to you. Check out this fully customized and unique garage that pops with a bold carpet and cool overhead lights.

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