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When Your Garage Isn’t Just a Garage

When Your Garage Isn’t Just a Garage


Sometimes, a homeowner wants to use a garage for a purpose other than a place to store tools, the lawn mower and the family car. Whether it’s a man cave, a home office, a family room or some other living area, a garage does offer a large, usable space. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when attempting to convert a garage into a different type of living area for the home:

  • Think about flooring

    Traditional garage floors are simply made of concrete. Many times, the floors of a garage are sloped, cracked or otherwise not in the best condition. Having epoxy garage flooring put down is one way to make the most of your garage floors. This is a stain-, moisture- and slip-resistant material that is appropriate for most types of living areas. Putting down hardwood or carpet is a possibility as long as you are sure that the room would be completely moisture-resistant; if any moisture is able to get in, then you run the possibility of floor damage or mildew.

  • Consider the lighting

    Most garages don’t have windows. If your garage door has windows, then you will get some natural lighting that way. You could also replace your garage door with one that has windows. Otherwise, you’ll need to add good lighting to the room to make it bright enough for its intended purpose. Halogen lamps, overhead lighting or small lamps are all possibilities.

  • Think about climate control

    You may or may not be able to use the central heating and air conditioning in the new space. If you aren’t able to use what you already have, then space heaters and possibly some type of air conditioning unit may be necessary. If you are not using an air conditioning system, a dehumidifier might be a good idea to keep the humidity of the area down.

  • Your custom garage company can help

    They are well-versed in turning regular garages into custom-made spaces. You may be able to have an office, man cave or other room as part of the garage, while keeping several feet of storage. Accessories like garage cabinets, wall racks and overhead storage racks can maximize even a small storage space inside of your garage. Call your local professionals for a free consultation before you make your final plans.

Transforming your garage into a living area can open up your house and give you more square footage for less money than it would cost you to upgrade to a larger home. Keep in mind the resale value; before you sell, you might prefer to convert the space back into a garage, or you may do better to keep it as a bonus room. Your custom garage professional will be able to answer your questions regarding the process.

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